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Efficient and Cost-effective

Metro have been meeting the challenge of restoring contaminated land for many years. In every case our solution our solution to a client's requirement is both sustainable and in keeping with UK regulations. 

Why Metro?

We can offer you a full range of services to ensure you have no outstanding issues when it comes to the disposal of contaminated bulk materials. And thanks to our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and health & safety, you'll find that official approval for your site's remediation comes more quickly than you expected.

The Problem

The Environmental Agency in the UK estimates that approximately 300,000 hectares of land spread across 100,000 sites - suffer from contamination as a result of previous activity on that land.

According to the Environmental Protection Act, land is deemed contaminated when polluting substances are present at levels which may cause direct or indirect harm to humans, animals, vegetation or even structures.

To maintain profitability when developing on contaminated land, remediation must be carried out efficiently, safely, as cost-effectively

as possible, and in compliance with all existing

regulatory requirements.


unlocking the potential of contaminated land

What can be done?

Pollution comes from many different sources and each variety requires different treatment. Fortunately, there are techniques available that, when used in conjunction with a suitable level of expertise, can release the full potential of any brownfield site.

The Skills required include:

  • The removal of hazardous waste - such as asbestos and contaminated piping from buildings and other structures.

  • Soft stripping and segregating recyclable materials

  • Demolishing buildings and removing underground structures including tanks, interceptors and redundant pipework

  • Processing surface waste and the results of fly tipping

  • The remediation of contaminated land and groundwater using techniques expressly suited to individual conditions

  • Improving ground conditions to make it suitable for development

  • The profiling of the development platform and any neccessary landscaping

  • The creation of access roads and any necessary structures to allow access to sites currently inaccessible.

Contact us today to see how we can unlock the potential in your brownfield site

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