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Deconstruction - not demoiltion

Metro understands that with the cost of landfill use rising significantly, fuel charges associated with waste removal on the increase, and a need to maximize the earnings potential of a new structure, there is a growing pressure on developers to recover and reuse more materials on site. 

The Next Step

However, much of the recycling that occurs leads to material being reused as something else rather that in its original form. The most common case is crushing up bricks and using them as aggregate. True recycling would allow for the deconstruction of a building in a manner that left as much of its materials as possible in a condition suitable for reuse in a similar fashion.

One of the reasons that recycling has become more common is that the plant used is becoming more portable and conveniently sized while, at the same time, being able to process a greater capacity. In fact, the National Federation of Demolition Contractors reports that on some projects contractors are recycling anything between 85% and 95% by weight of the building. Metro's aim is to be recycling within these percentages on every project.


finding value in demolition waste

Our Services


Whether you engage with Metro for demolition services, for asbestos surveying and removal services, or for remediation services, you can sure that our skilled staff and our specialised plant can offer the best possible recycling, salvage, and waste disposal options.

On-Site Recycling

Metro's own crusher will process brick, concrete, and general rubble from the deconstruction and leave the result on site for use in the rebuild. Even in the case of ACM's, Metro will separate materials that can be recycled and process them accordingly.


Although a strict adherence to health and safety issues means that demolition work now rarely involves the use of hand tools, Metro's sophisticated deconstruction techniques and expertise allow us to combine safe working with maintaining the integrity of materials.

Waste Disposal

For site materials that can neither be reused or recycled, such as recovered wood and metal, Metro will manage their disposal in compliance with all relevant waste management legislation.

Contact us today to see how we can help you turn demolition into deconstruction.

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