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Demolishing Stereotypes

The deconstruction of a building or structure requires careful consideration and the detailed planning and support of an experienced demolition contractor like Metro Deconstruction Services. 

Getting It Right

Choosing an experienced and reputable demolition contractor can be the

difference between a costly start to your reconstruction project and a sound

basis on which to proceed. Here's how Metro can make the difference:

A Common Misconception

There is a perception among people from outside the industry that demolition involves little more than knocking down a building and dumping debris in a landfill site. When your business relies on successful and professional demolition, however, you know that the planning and completion of a project demands a high level of expertise as different methods may be employed depending on whether the building or

structure contains asbestos or precious metals, the size, scope and .

position of the structure, or whether it is a steel of concrete frame.

  • We are responsible contractors who have made the salvage of building materials for potential reuse a key element of our service.

  • Metro continues to reduce its dependency on landfill sites and increase its use of recycling.

  • A successful and safe demolition project requires the intimate construction and legal knowledge that Metro possesses.

  • Metro's demolition methods continue to become quicker, safer, and vastly more cost-effective.

  • Our experience and expertise matter:​​ dealing with an inexperienced demolition contractor can lead to more than an unsuccessful project.

Demolishing Stereotypes


clearing the way for reconstruction

Our Services


With major demolition projects we provide a wide range of services from feasibility stage through to detailed costing and methodology and safe execution of the project. We ensure that every project is carefully planned and adequately resourced. Our ongoing investment in staff training and in continually renewing and upgrading plant and equipment, let's us successfully carry out all types of demolition projects.


Although deconstruction takes longer than a straightforward demolition, the process can lead to an increase in value from the project. Metro will engage with developers to discuss the possibilities for salvaging material for recycling or reuse, making clear both the economic and environmental factors that can affect any decision. Our skilled staff will then strip a building of agreed materials before demolition work itself begins.

Soft Strip-Out

Our services are by no means confined to the removal of buildings and structures. When refurbishment or fit out work is to be undertaken, Metro will carry out the soft strip. We will systematically removal all fixtures, fittings, services, and any temporary structures where required. Part of this service includes assessing the structural design of the building and dealing with such things as the discovery of asbestos or any structural anomalies before demolition or reconstruction can begin.

High Reach Demolition

Metro is one of a small number of contractors able to offer high reach demolition work using their own plant. Using a high reach excavator allows for more controlled demolition of tall buildings within populated areas, as well as increasing demolition speed and cost-effectiveness of the project as a whole.

Contact us today to see how we can help you take first steps to successful reconstruction

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