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"The demolition industry can provide a professional route in or you can take a similar route as myself. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, your ambitions can become a reality within the demolition industry."

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My Story

I fell into the construction industry by chance. 

In 2001 I was working in Scotland in the hospitality industry when I received a call from my family notifying me that my stepfather has suffered a brain hemorrhage. Of course, I went straight back to my hometown in England to support my family and stepfather. Whilst I was supporting my family, my bother in-law, Mark Taylor of Metro Deconstruction Services Limited,  offered me some work to tide me over, working as a demolition labourer within the family business. I was planning on being back in my hometown for some time so thought, why not, and got started with arranging a NDTG training course to get my Green CCDO qualification, once in hand there was no going back and I never returned to my former career.

I spent the best part of 5 years cutting my teeth on site, learning all the skillsets of a good all-rounder skilled demolition operative required, in readiness to push for the next steps forwards. Demolition machine operator wasn’t really my forte therefore, I decided to go down the site management route. With support from my brother in-law and a Supervisors Gold CCDO Card, I started to supervise small demolition projects, e.g. houses and small industrial building demolition etc. I had a drive and passion for everything demolition and knew that if I worked hard there is always the chance to better myself.


A couple of years running the smaller projects, I was given the opportunity to start working on the higher valued projects within the City of London. With the drive and passion that I had, I was keen to learn and throw myself into these larger, more complex projects. I would have to deal with challenges never encountered on previous projects, all of which expanded my skills and knowledge. Finally, I had worked my way up to a Contacts Manager position within Metro, mainly working on prestigious projects in London. After spending the best part of 17 years within my brother in-law’s business, I thought it might be time to see how other businesses within the demolition industry operate, so, I took a leap of faith and decided to move on to further develop my skill sets.


Over the next 4 years I certainly pushed myself within the industry. I had the opportunity to Contract Manage a couple of multi-million-pound demolition and enabling projects which certainly helped accelerate my project managing abilities, especially when having to keep the sites operational throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

I enrolled as an Associate Member of the Institute of Demolition Engineers, undertaking the entrance exam and professional interview to process to Full Membership in November 2020 – Who would have thought I’d have letters after my name!


Furthermore, the demolition industry gave me the opportunity to study at academic level.

I enrolled in the first worldwide Foundation Degree course in Demolition Management and Engineering from Wolverhampton University, in conjunction with the Institute of Demolition Engineers. Having such an opportunity was mind blowing for me, I didn’t leave school with the best GCSE results and never thought I would be in a position to study for a Degree. The graduation was delayed due to Covid-19 but, I finally graduated on Friday 25th February 2022 at the Institute of Demolition Engineers Graduation & Awards Ceremony at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, one of only a few times in my life I can say I was proud of myself. I have gone on to become an Approved Trainer with the National Demolition Training Group and received the Highly Commended Award for 'Demolition Manager of the Year' Award at the National Federation Demolition Contractors AGM 2022.


To go full circle, back to my roots within the demolition industry, where I started back in 2001 with my bother in-law, Mark Taylor, Managing Director at Metro Deconstruction Services Limited, I now hold position of Contracts Director and Share Holder within the business.


The demolition industry has sat like an angel on my shoulder for over two decades, offering me industry opportunities to grab with both hands and progress my career, opportunities I will always be most grateful for!


The demolition industry can provide a professional route in, or you can take a similar route as myself, whoever you are and wherever you come from, your ambitions can become a reality with the demolition industry.


A personal thank you to the demolition industry and to Metro Deconstruction Services for all the opportunities.

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