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Continued Investment - Powerscreen Premiertrak R400 Crusher

In September 2020, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will launch in central London to help improve air quality and the health of those who live and work in London.

Vans, heavy goods vehicles (HGV's), cars, and machinery, will need to meet exhaust emission standards.

Metro have carried out extensive research for the continued investment of the company to comply with this new proposed legislation.

Introducing the newest edition to the Metro Plant Fleet -

Powerscreen Premiertrak R400 Crusher

The improvements on the machine are huge.

One being that this new machine is completely euro 5 compliant, making the Powerscreen Premiertrak R400 ideal for us working in central London with the current London emissions legislation and proposed 2020 changes. " We are ahead of our competitors as far as the machine being complete euro 5 compliant" - Mark Taylor, Managing Director of Metro Deconstruction Services Ltd.

The running of the machine. From a fuel efficiency point of view, the machine is most probably 25% more fuel efficient.

From a crushing point of view, the changes in the jaw set up and the drop on the bottom of the jaws now means that our crusher capabilities are most probably 30% up on our previous crusher machine, so the benefits are massive.

Listen to what else our Managing Director, Mark Taylor has to say about the new machine and how its helping us future-proof the business.

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